In the world of workers’ compensation cases, value is an important word. There is value in your case in terms of what you are entitled to under Florida workers’ compensation laws.

That is dollars-and-cents value.

But there is another kind of value in having a competent attorney that will ensure you get the monetary value you’re entitled to; give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have an advocate in your corner; and has not only researched and understood your case — but ensures you understand it as well. That kind of value goes beyond just money.

You’re educated on your rights in regard to your particular situation, empowering you as you proceed with your case. This empowerment is even more important during a vulnerable time, when you may have a serious or life-altering injury.

The workers’ compensation system requires navigation. Many people aren’t aware about the timeline to report an injury, or who chooses the doctor, or the amount of time during which you can receive lost wages.

Having a lawyer you can access quickly for questions prevents a situation taking shape that you don’t understand and didn’t foresee. After you’re injured at work — wondering what kind of compensation you will receive, calculating bills and visiting the doctor — a free consultation from The Law Office of Brian D. Tadros today can prevent surprises tomorrow.

No time for guesswork
Of course, not all workman’s compensation cases end up in litigation. But if a case does go to court, without a qualified attorney, you won’t have the best chances of success that you possibly can. You won’t have an expert in your corner that handles only workers’ compensation law, day in, day out. If the case evolves into talk of a settlement, without knowledge of what you are entitled to under the law, how will you even know what a fair settlement looks like?

The Law Office of Brian D. Tadros does business this way: Making sure we offer a free consultation to anyone with questions who is injured at work. We give fast, thorough responses to questions, educating clients the whole way through. We want workers’ compensation clients to not only know what is happening throughout the process, but why.

Taking away uncertainty after someone’s been hurt on the job is a true value proposition in our book.

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