For retail employees and workman’s compensation cases, it’s the most risky time of the year, right? Malls are open longer hours, stores are competing with online retailers and employees are stretched thin.

We’ve already discussed the higher risk of retail injuries such as cuts and lacerations at holiday time, which can result in workers’ compensation claims. The Law Office of Brian D. Tadros P.A. holds free consultations with retail employees who are injured on the job; we know the kinds of conditions under which they work.

But in addition to preventing cuts while unpacking boxes, there are other ways that retail team members can prevent not only other injuries, but stress in general. (Reducing stress can mean a clearer focus on staying safe at work, after all.)

Expert retail consultant Bob Phipps suggests that store employees wear proper footwear with ample support to promote good posture for many hours on their feet. And take breaks — even for just a few minutes.

“If you get overwhelmed, ask the manager if you can go in the back for five minutes to be by yourself. For me it was shooting imaginary basketball hoops. You might choose to listen to a favorite – non-Christmas song. Take care of your psyche before you reach the breaking point,” he writes.

Some things that can reduce the holiday pressure cooker if you work in retail?

Get your own shopping done early if you work in retail, suggests Phipps. (Their holiday stress paired with frantic customers’ holiday stress, after all, isn’t good for anyone.)

Ensure you know where to park at work, especially if you are new to a retail environment. Mall security towing your car is never a good way to end a work shift.

Bring your own lunch/dinner. In Christmastime crowds, the mall food court may not be a relaxing option with a 30-minute break.

Allow time for traffic when coming in to work. Everyone is out shopping, after all.

Double-check your schedule. Ensure you have the most updated version so you are where you should be on the correct day and time; it helps prevent misunderstandings.

With the correct retail-employment practices in place, it can be a much happier (and safer) holiday season for all!

Brian Tadros

Brian Tadros

Mr. Tadros has been a member of the Florida Bar for over 14 years. Over the course of his legal career, Mr. Tadros has represented injured workers, employers, and insurance companies. This wide variety of experience provides him with a unique perspective which assists him in achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.