Can You Collect Unemployment and Workers’ Comp?

While there are some cases where unemployment and workers’ compensation benefits overlap, they are two very different programs for very different circumstances. Understanding which form of compensation pertains to your unique situation is crucial in knowing how much financial compensation you can receive.

Your workplace injury entitles you to financial compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses. But losing your job through no fault of your own gives you a claim to state benefits as well. Your ability to claim both, however, is not as easily understood.

In this article, we will answer the question ‘Can you collect unemployment and workers’ comp?’ and help you decide if you may be entitled to both. Read more

How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?
How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?

After an injury, you just want to get on with your life.

How long do workers comp settlements take and when will you get those funds?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers reported 2.7 million injuries and illnesses in 2020. While some of these employees may have recovered quickly and had no issues, others had to fight for their workers’ comp benefits.

Pursuing a legal case against the workers’ comp insurance company is never a step that anyone wants to take, but it’s sometimes a necessity, especially if your case has been denied. You need funds to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and future healthcare expenses. So when your case finally comes to an end, you’re probably very anxious to know when you’re going to receive those funds. Read more

Accepting a Workers’ Comp Settlement After Surgery

There are pros and cons to every procedure, and surgery is no different.

Here’s what you can expect from a workers’ comp settlement after surgery.


As your doctor is probably quick to remind you, undergoing surgery is a serious matter that requires careful consideration. After all, even a minor procedure can take weeks or even months to recover from.

You may be wondering about the risks associated with surgery, whether you will need to go through physical therapy, or what the long-term complications will be. But if you are recovering from a work injury, you may also be wondering how surgery will affect your claim.

Deciding whether to accept a workers’ comp settlement after surgery or before should not be taken lightly. In this article, we’ll talk about the various factors that may affect your settlement offer and how you can get the most out of your workers’ compensation benefits. Read more

Who Pays Workers Compensation?
Who Pays Workers Compensation?

As an injured worker, you get a lot out of the workers comp program.

But who pays workers compensation in the first place? 


There’s no two ways about it: workers compensation is an incredibly necessary program. And if you’re in recovery from a workplace injury, you have firsthand experience with its many benefits.

But for everything you get out of the workers compensation program, are you expected to put anything into it? Who pays workers compensation programs in the first place? Read more

Can I Get a Second Opinion In My Workers’ Comp Case?

Disputes are common among workers’ comp cases.

Here are the steps to take if you want a second opinion on your workers’ comp injury.


When it comes to healthcare, most Americans are used to being able to choose which doctor they see.

Even when insurance companies require you to select from their in-network providers, you typically have myriad options to choose from. So it might come as a surprise to find that the insurance company is responsible for choosing the authorized treating physician in your workers’ comp claim.

But does that mean you can’t request a second opinion?

Florida’s workers’ compensation law does provide you the opportunity to get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the treatment your authorized treating physician is giving you.  However, we don’t call it a “second opinion.”  It is called your “one-time change in treating physicians.”

Maybe you feel that the doctor is siding with the insurance company rather than listening to your concerns. Perhaps you’re simply not getting any better, despite lengthy treatment. Alternatively, you might think that your doctor’s recommendations are too aggressive and you’d like to see if a gentler approach would be effective.

Whatever your reasons for considering seeking an alternate medical opinion, you are entitled to understand your rights in your workers’ comp case. In this article, we’ll explain various options available to you for getting another medical opinion from a workers’ comp doctor.

Read more

"Are My Workers' Comp Payments Correct?" Here's how to tell.
Are My Workers’ Comp Payments Correct?

“I’ve been receiving checks from the workers’ comp insurance company ever since my workplace injury, but these payments seem a little low. Are my workers’ comp payments correct?” 

In workers’ comp cases, the rate at which your compensation benefits are determined stems from first calculating your average weekly wage (AWW). But your AWW can be calculated in different ways, depending on the facts of your individual case.

Because there is more than one way to calculate your AWW, how do you know whether yours is being calculated correctly? In short, how do you know that your workers’ comp payments are correct? Read more

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